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io605 helps you convert more website visitors using only one landing page through the power of storytelling that resonates with your ideal client.
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Therapists and counselors

Your website visitors are sick...

...sick of going through endless web pages, clicks and information that doesn’t apply to them, their feelings, their emotions, or their current situation.
Your website visitors don’t care about credentials, design or paperwork. They care about overcoming their pain. You need to grab and keep their attention within 15 seconds, or they’re gone.
We make customized pages for practices at all levels

Practice Start Up

We help identify your ideal client, put together your first marketing message and show you how to execute it.

Practice Reposition

Pivot your marketing message and start attracting the clients you actually want to work with.

Practice Scaling

Set up systems and processes to automatically capture leads, send appointment reminders or email content so you can just focus on your patients.

Each visitor to your website is going through something different...

Nathan, 40

Trying to cope with crippling depression.

Amanda, 16

Paralyzed by social anxiety.

Rachel, 29

Marital issues and contemplating divorce.

Does it make sense to send all 3 of these visitors to the same web page?

Most therapy websites fail to convert their visitors into patients because they fail to get attention, keep attention and build a connection with the visitor.

They don’t want to hear about your practice, how it got started or who works there. They want to know if you can take away their pain.

Having powerful storytelling in your landing page that speaks directly to your ideal client can build the connection and trust needed for them to take action and schedule an appointment with your practice.

Your landing page needs 4 storytelling elements…


Sum up all of their current frustrations and what they're currently going through and feeling in ONE, attention-grabbing headline.


Define their currently life by telling them a story that they can relate to and confirms their current thoughts, feelings and frustrations.


Prove to them that you can help with testimonials from past successes of people that were in the exact same situation as they are now.


Tell them exactly what they need to do to get help from you. Let them know exactly what they can expect when reaching out to you and how much better their life will be after treatment.

Custom tailored landing pages

Web pages that attract your ideal client

We build web pages that turn your website traffic into paying customers by showing them that your practice is different and takes a more specific, simplified and targeted approach.  Get your ideal’s client’s attention through the art of storytelling and connect with them on a level that other therapy or counseling websites can’t.

  • No pages to click through. All the relevant content, info, even the contact form or appointment scheduler, are on one single page.
  • We host the page for you, so you don’t have to worry bout any technical backend stuff.
  • Weekly insights and stats on how your pages are doing.
  • We can even run ads
  • Integrarte with you current technology setup